Style Customizer for acknowledged alarm

I am using the style cutomizer of a label to link its background color to the state of an alarm. Currently if I use the alarm state as the driving property my only style values are “true” and “false.” What I would like to be able to do is have a third style with a value of “acknowledged” to display a different background color for the label. I’m sure that there is a way to do this through scripting but I was wondering if there is a built in function that would allow for this as well.


You can use the AlertAcknowledged property of a tag.

For example: myTag.AlertAcknowledged

You create a custom property on your component called Status, then you use an expression to create an integer based on multiple tags, then use the integer for your styling.

For example, use this expression for your Status custom property:

if({Tag1.ActiveAlert} && {Tag1.AlertAcknowledged}, 2, if({Tag1.ActiveAlert}, 1, 0)
The above expression creates three possible integer values based on the values of 3 tag properties. If the tag alarm is active and acknowledged then 2 is created, otherwise if the alarm is active then 1 is created, otherwise if the alarm is not active then 0 is created.

When the conditions for creating a Status integer value becomes too complicated then Python scripting can be used to do similar work more easily.