Style Customizer on a Template

I created a custom button template that basically combines all of the tag control functionality of the pre-canned buttons, and adds a classic button appearance (Beveled edges that inset when the mouse is held-down).
It consists of a rectangle for the background and a label for the text.
My plan for styling the button is to use the style customizer to affect the root of the template, then add a script to apply the property changes to the background and text as-needed.
However, I hit a roadblock because I can’t get the style customizer to work on the template.
I have it set to change the background color based on the button’s tag value.
I added a script to print the background color when it changes, but it doesn’t print the color I assigned in the customizer, only the color in the template itself [The default rgba(255,255,255,0)].


Same problem as these folks:


An update for those that stumble upon this:
Tech support confirmed that the style customizer does not work with template properties.
Any template property used anywhere in a style customizer will “break” the customized properties from updating
They could not however confirm if it’s by design or a bug
The work around is to set expressions to each property that needs to customized (Such as using a “case” function), and to use color translation to handle animated colors.