Style Limitations

Hi All,

I’m working in Perspective, Gateway 8.0.16.

I have a hopefully basic Style question.

I tried to apply 4 media queries to a container, so that it would cycle between 4 background colors based on width. I used 3 Max-Width media query styles, set to 3 different widths: 600, 800, and 1000 pixels. I then applied the 4 four styles to a container. The container changes background color as it is sized, but I can’t get more than 2 styles to become ‘active’ and change the background color at the correct width. It looks like either A) Ignition limits you to only 2 media queries or B) the style order as typed in the property window (see image) isn’t being honored.

Is either one of these possible?

Thanks in advance.

I should’ve searched through one more forum article - the answer is to name styles alphabetically in the order of precedence.