Styles Customiser: Multiple objects using tag or objproperty


I am trying to use the styles customiser to change object fill colours based on a tag or window/screen properties (for ease, assume these objects are all rectangles). The trouble is, I have a whole number of objects that I want to apply the same styles to.

I am under the impression that if I want to use tag values or object properties with style customisers, then I need to create a custom parameter for the individual object i’m applying the styles customiser to, in order for me to then be able to select that as the driving property. I would then need to bind that custom property to the tag or object property.

So for my example, I would need to create the same custom parameter for each and every rectangle object that I want to apply the same style customiser to… Say I have 25 of these objects, that sounds like a lot of work! And it also leaves a lot of room for error and is a major headache to change in the future if required.

Is there a more sensible way to do this?