Styling the alarmStatusTable in perspective


I’m trying to get the alarmStatusTable to fit the theming of the rest of our SCADA system. Most of the styling for this seems inaccessible from the styleClasses sheet. To get around this I’ve tried modified my custom theme to include editing --neutral-10 and the like. But this effects more than what I actually want to change. I’ve read the for themes and in the Descriptive CSS classes section it says: “You can find a list of available selectors, and their defined rules, in their respective files.” but I don’t know where these are. I’ve tried adding overriding the alarm-status-table.css and table.css from light\palette but I don’t think that worked properly either. I suppose what I’m asking for is where I can find the available selectors mentioned in the readme and how I should be using them.

Never mind, I’ve got it working now. Forgot to make an “index.css” for my palette over-rides and I think all the colour options are in light/common, light/palette, or light/app.

You can also find which classes are currently applied to a certain component using inspect element in your browser, which can help with identifying which one should be modified in your custom theme.

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