Sub folders on SQL

yehuda 29MAR06 - Is it be passable to create many sub folder in the main folder on factory SQL?

Nathan 29MAR06 - Yes, check out “Group Folders” versus “Groups” in the FactorySQL manual.

yehuda 29MAR06 - Yes but I meant, if I Can create sub folder inside the group for example:


Because we use RSLOGIX 5000 it make more sense we make the TAGS is the FactorySQL
The same way that we built in RSLOGIX 5000 .
Is it be Passable to do that?

Colby.Clegg 30MAR06 - Hello,

Unfortunately, at this time that is not possible. This functionality is tentatively scheduled for version 2.3, which should arrive in a few months. It’s possible that it could make it into 2.2, due out in about 2-3 weeks, but it’s doubtful.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Colby Clegg
Software Engineer
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