Submit reading to a Web Service

How can I submit reading to a Web Service?

Well, there’s not really anything that immediately jumps to mind… FactorySQL is a tool to map between OPC and a SQL Database, so if you can find a library that emulates a databases through or ODBC but actually calls a web service, you might be in luck.

Otherwise, you may be able to write to the database first and then use another tool to replicate from the DB to the web service.


Thanks for the reply. I am considering two solutions. One is to use Clr stored procedure to call the web service and other to write a plugin method for Factory SQL and use that as an action function.

  • Fahad

Yeah, if your up for doing a bit of programming, you could certainly write a FactorySQL plugin. I just didn’t suggest that at first because I didn’t know if you wanted an over-the-counter solution or not.

If you haven’t looked at making a plugin yet, it’s relatively easy- you just mark the class and function with an attribute (after referencing the scripting api). I would suggest making your own test harness though, because debugging inside of FactorySQL can be a bit tedious (each time you modify the dll you need to copy it over and restart the service).

I feel the scripting api is pretty straightforward, but of course I’m biased, so feel free to ask questions :laughing:


I just did the plugin and got it working successfully :smiley:. Thanks for your help.

  • Fahad

Mind sharing what you’re working on? :smiley: (post file)

[quote=“fahadaz”]I just did the plugin and got it working successfully :smiley:. Thanks for your help.

  • Fahad[/quote]