Subscribe Issue


Im trying to subscribe two tags in the quick client, but im having an issue, every time when im subscribing the quality returns Uncertain Value. Every time when im reading the tag the quality is good and i can read the value. I Have already did a lot of tests changing the configurations inside the Device connections but i didnt have success, i have already deleted this device connection and respective tags and recreated it but nothing is solving this issue. I have already did a analysis with Wire shark looking for errors but it seems is all correct.

I would like receive some help to solve this issue.

When you subscribe to both, the driver will request all registers from 4002 to 4022.

Your device probably has no data in some or all of these middle registers and either doesn’t respond or responds with an error code.

You can set the “Span Gaps” setting on the driver to False to prevent this optimization from happening.

I have created a new Device connection for the third time with the same configurations the old one and the subscribe is working ok !!
I Have no ideia why this problem ocurred but is solved…

Thanks @Kevin.Herron for the support !!