Subscribing to tags is throwing exceptions


I’m subscribing to my extended FilteredTagChangeListener using GatewayContext::getTagManager::subscribeAsync .
The method onTagchange is not throwing any exceptions when it’s called but I keep getting this exception:

Any clue on what could be going wrong?

Thank you!

Not sure what the problem is, but that is a structure change, not a tag value change.

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What Ignition version is this? The NPE is just a bug on our side, but the current codebase can’t NPE on line 150 in that file.

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It’s version 8.1.

If it’s worth anything, I see this error when subscribing to tags in a remote tag provider.


My apologies for not being clear. I meant 8.1.0

This NPE was fixed incidentally in another bugfix in 8.1.2, so there’s no distinct changelog for it, but I’d recommend upgrading, if possible.

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This worked wonderfully, thank you!