Subscriotions, Config Error, where to get further info?

I am using COM module to tunnel IFIX OPC DA data.
When my OPC UA client subscribe to Ignition platform, it shows up Quality : Config Error.

I want to fix that config error, but don’t have further information on this Error.
Where / How to get details on Config Error?


The image you posted does show the values coming in from DA correctly, so I suppose the problem must be on the UA subscription side.

Maybe this would be useful: Look for the logger “OpcComTunnelDriver”, and turn it to debug. When you try to subscribe, it will print “Modifying subscriptions. Adding items…” along with the paths it is using. If you post that, maybe something will be evident.

Also, if you’re using 7.7, you can try this updated version of the com tunneller, which I only just realized didn’t get uploaded to the module marketplace.
OpcCom Tunneller-module.modl (39.1 KB)