Subview params working in one spot not another?

I have an existing table that has a subview. The subview options are setup like this -

and the subview has 3 params each corresponding to a column in the parent table like this

and this works properly. The parent table’s data for these columns flow through into 4 text labels nicely.

I am tasked with improving this - we want to show a different subview depending on the value of the tableName parameter.

I have a new view called LogFiles_Subview_BK_2 with the same params

and I have a copy of the entire view I’m developing one with the table. The subview options are setup like this -

My LogFiles_Subview_BK_2 is a Tab container and I am using a binding on the currentTabIndex like
if({view.params.tableName}='Table0',0,1). I also made the tab height 0 so the user can’t manually switch.

However, it seems only be using whatever value was saved in designer. Nothing seems to be coming through. I can’t tell what is wrong. Any ideas on what I am missing here?

one seems to be {value:{Plantnumber, tableName…}}
the other is {Plantnumber, tableName…}

those do not behave the same.
value gets automatically pased down the viewparams based on the data of the row.
The other needs to be bassed down manualy

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Thank you. After a long day I needed the fresh eyes - I didn’t notice the difference.

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