Sudden CPU usage at 100% Store and Forward is suspicious

I’ve been having sudden CPU spikes so maybe someone could help me finding why is it happening.

The spike is so bad that the gateway page stops responding and I needed to kill the process with Task Manager.

Currently I’m working on a development gateway and I want to avoid this problem with the production gateway.

I’m thinking it may be a problem with some configuration of the Store and Forward since I was playing arround with multiple databases.

The first time that it happened, I deleted the store and forward configuration and also deleted the database connections associated with that store and forward.

I was able to get the Thread dump, after restarting the gateway.

Also downloaded the logs file and I’m finding store and forward error right before the crash

Ignition_SF_thread_dump20210428-180457.txt (143.3 KB)

Btw using 8.1.4

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