Sudo service commands do not work on 8.0.15 CentOs

I just did a fresh install of Ignition 8.0.15 on CentOS 7.8.2003. It installed and I can access the Gatweay Web page. However the usual LInux service commands do not work. For example:

sudo service ignition status or sudo service ignition restart

The result is:
ignition]$ sudo service ignition status
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status ignition.service
Unit ignition.service could not be found.

The last fresh install I did was 8.0.12…worked fine

Similarly, I use the following command to automatically restart Ignition upon reboot. It also fails.

sudo systemctl enable ignition
Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory

In 8.0.14 we replaced the installer and as a result inadvertently changed the default service name - it’s Ignition Gateway not just ignition now. We’re probably going to revert that change, but that’s why it’s not working for now.

Yes, please change back. Will this be in 8.0.16? The service name is actually Ignition-Gateway

No, almost certainly won’t make it into 8.0.16. You can set up a symlink manually (which is what the old installer did) to create an ignition.service file that redirects to the Ignition-Gateway service.