Suggested Industrial PC for Ubuntu 22.04 running Edge Panel

Hello Forum, I'm wondering what Industrial PCs others use for running Ignition Edge Panel for HMI purposes. I'll be installing Ubuntu 22.04 onto the PC.

We've been using OnLogic quite a bit paired with Hope Industrial monitors. If you need hazardous location, I like the Advantech UNO-410 again paired with Hope Industrial monitors.

I would highly recommend going with Kubuntu though. I was using Ubuntu but always had quirks to work around and Kubuntu just seems to work better.

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Which Onlogic? I'm trying a Helix 330 from Onlogic. The LAN ports 1 & 2 do not work with Ubuntu 22.04. Onlogic told me it's a known issue but they work with Ubuntu 20.04. This ends up making the PC hang for 2 minutes on each boot with in renames the ports from eth0 and eth1. Ports 3 and 4 work just fine. I'm looking at disabling the ports from the boot process or if there is a way to shorten the hang time.

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We've been buying the OnLogic PCs specifically designed for Ignition: OnLogic Hardware for Ignition | OnLogic

We were running Ubuntu 20.04 before on the IGN100. We switched to Kubuntu 22.04 on the recent jobs, but they've all required Class I Div 2 Haz Loc certification so we're using it on a Phoenix Contact PC (we're avoiding them though because they're about 4x the size of the Advantech UNO-410 - we just weren't able to get the Advantech in time for this job to ship).


thanks. You're happy with the load time?
For C1D2 jobs, Moxa 1100 PC are affordable. If boot time is a concern, they do take about 4-5 minutes to be totally into Ignition. This has been fine for systems which remain running but not preferred if the customer turns it off. They use the same processor as the UNO-1372GH-3S53

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Yeah, the IGN100s are pretty fast to boot up. I think the Advantechs were slightly slower. We initially tested some Moxa UC8100 ARM PCs which had Ignition OnBoard, but they were horribly underpowered and I wouldn't recommend them as they did take forever to load even with us only using them for IIoT.