SUGGESTION- Auto set Edge scripting project

Since you can’t actually have more than the “Edge” project on an Edge node, it would make sense and be helpful if on setup you set the “Scripting Project” to “Edge”.


Since when are gateway scripts supported on Edge?

Ah, right…

@NorthPoint what are you finding you need this set for?

Since when are they not? Why would runScript be supported in tags if it was not? And what exactly would be the goal in taking that functionality away anyway?

The purpose in this case is because MQTT does not expose the (real) external IP address of the Edge, and my customer wants/needs to know what the external IP address is, even if it changes due to DHCP. So I allow them to trigger a script on the Edge (from the cloud) that uses a simple HTTP api to fetch that into a string tag, which is then displayed on their screen.

I can never keep track of the Edge restrictions.

The user manual says:

All Gateway level scripting is disabled including Gateway Event Scripts and Tag Event scripts. This does not affect project or client scoped scripts.

But yes, you can make project scripts, and I guess a runScript expression targeting a script in the Edge project would need that setting to be configured correctly.

I’m not sure if this counts as a loophole in the Edge restrictions or not though. runScript in a tag shouldn’t even work on Edge according to the documented restrictions.

If it runs in an expression tag, that would be a loophole.

Heads up, the runScript on gateway-scoped tags loophole is being closed. It will still work in client tags.

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