[suggestion]Can we get the custom properties in Scripting Functions?


In the project design of ignition, we used session properties to switch devices.
We create the [session.custom.machineID] on custom properties , so that it can mapping to different TAGs , and then different device information can be displayed in different sessions of the same project.

I have an emergency stop popup.
It needs to check the machineID of the current session before popping up, but I'm failing now because I can't get my custom properties setting.
Can we make a request to get this feature in the new version?

Ignition already has similar function: system.perspective.getSessionInfo


Where are you trying to get the custom property?

Tag Editor
Tag Value Events, Value Changed

No, not in tag events. Those are gateway scope. Session properties are part of session objects, not session info objects.

You seem to be making a common design error here, which seems to come from standalone HMI design patterns, where there's no distinction between HMI UI and tags. In Ignition, tags are global to all UIs, and should not be used purely for UI-specific values. In Ignition, use Perspective session custom properties (or Vision client tags) by themselves, instead.

Where you want a global tag to be tracked in a Perspective session, create a custom property to hold it and bind the property to the tag. That property can then have onChange actions that perform any UI-specific functionality. And that action, being in the session, will naturally have access to the rest of the session.