Suggestions for a small cheap "PC" to drive HD Television

Looking for suggestions for what hardware others have used for displaying Ignition screens on large televisions. A little about our project, we started using XP Virtual Machines and sending the video to networked USB video adapter ( … cts_id=281). Works great, but our VM Admin is concerned about load on the VM Cluster (we would need about a dozen of these in the end) and Licensing issues…

So I an thinking about finding a MiniITX setup and loading Ubuntu on it and connecting to my Ignition application.

So what hardware have others used to drive a TV display?

I’ve been using HP Thin Clients (t610 and t5565) with the HP Thin OS (Debian Linux) for Ignition clients that should work well with TV’s. The t5565’s work fine for simple displays. For clients with more complex projects and interaction, the t610’s work quite well. I had to install Java on the t610’s, but I like the fact that they are completely solid state and stable.

I use these everywhere I need to drive a large display. They are relatively cheap and have been working flawlessly for me…

Thanks Guys, I ended up with the Linux version of this guy:


Pre-loaded with Ubuntu 12.04 and Java. Working well so far… Fingers crossed.