Suggestions for my source control

So I’m creating this project to manage source on Ignition, using JGit, that will eventually support Pull and Push, and add a md documentation file to project and global folder (65.7 KB)
I will probably put this in Github or Gitlab at some point

First thing first, is there a way to include JGit and the project itself in a module. For now, I created a new lib folder outside of Ignition and I added this folder to ignition.conf

For now, I create my markdown file for each project in the root of the project itself, it works for now, but I’m wondering if this is a good way to do it


Watching this with great interest. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to do something similar but in a different way. Rather than implement/include a library such as jgit in to ignition, I have been instead using git installed on the gateway and triggering batch scripts to execute the commands I require (with the system.util.sendRequest function). Has been a little hit n miss but have something in progress.

Looking forward to seeing what you can achieve. If you don’t mind, may even look to try out some of what you have already done


So far, you can see what I have here: GitHub - calimero100582/ignition-project-sourcecontrol-git

Still trying to figure out what is the best way to manage credentials for pull and push

Allow to switch and create branch

I’m also wondering if I would prefer to have each project as a submodule, which will require a better way to manage submodule

I also thought of using command, but I don’t want to manage and parse the output.

With a library, I hope we will be able to create a module with the lib and also be able to create a project template.

Using this approach, we should be able to install everything from the web admin interface. No need to install anything, but Ignition on the server. There should be no problem with rights on files or else