Suggestions needed


I need some tips. Instead of explaining what I’ve done I will give details on what I need to do…

At the factory we have an assembly line for one specific customer, this customer has a variety of products, I would say probably 60 or so.

What we wish to accomplish is to be able to have some statistics on each one of the products, the total count for the entire assembly line for the day, have the time stamp for when the employee logs on the work station, the total count done by each employees.

The products being assembled vary from one day to the other and will often change during the day. The employees on the work station can change. I need to have something very user friendly for the factory manager.

I want to have a data base where the names of the employees can be stored, another on where the product name and codes can be stored. This will make it simple to to store the information in the PLC.

Once a product is finalized and sent to be inspected the employee presses a RESET button then there will be a group of information sent to the data base of that particular station (product id, time it took to complete, the total count at the moment, etc).

I leave it there an wait for your suggestions.

thank you.

What is your interface for each employee going to be? Will they each have a PC they log into and click buttons on, or will they log in at a central location and just have hardware buttons they press to indicate product type and start and stop times?

At each stations there is only two buttons, one is a simple on and off and the other is a momentary on push button. Once the on/off switched on it get a retentive timer (RTO) running and it allows the reset to be functional.

There is one computer in the vicinity and a window (Cleint) will indicate the count for each one. They do log in but to another system completely independent.

It’s the factory manager that does that. At almost a 100% of the time the same employee is at the same work station. But we do have occurrences where an employee from another department will come to help if there is a rush. Currently we only use four stations out of six.

I’m watching again some of Travis’ webinars, I think I’m going to have to create a window with a text box that will enter the information in a specific data base, from that data base the employee’s name will be associated with a number that them will be stored into a N7 file.

Same will need to be done with the product type, they already have a six digits code but it’s easier for one to read the product name and not the associated number, this means that the product code will be also transfered to a N7 file.

When the employee presses the RESET this will be the trigger(B3:1.1) the T4:X.ACC, C5:Y.ACC, N7:Z, etc will be copied to the statistic data base.

I worked on that the day before, I use a B3:1.1 in the ladder as the trigger for station one. I tried that tag but only get the B3:1 file and it comes out as a INT2 file. I change it to a Boolean and add the last bit. Any hints it there is something not done properly? Will this work?