Sum/average pen values on easy chart

just wanted to post this to see the feasibility of adding a feature that would add a sum/average pen that would show up on the trend chart as a sum/average of all pens currently on the chart. Is that something that is even possible? My customer wants this(and I think it would be a great feature for everyone) and their system is too big and has too many scenarios to do expressions on db tags. Heck, they may even pay extra to get it coded in if it is possible. We are in the process of implementing the click to graph on 43000 tags, and this is one of the things they would like to see done.

and another x trace.

That’s impressive. I’d like to hear how it goes and what, if anything, you do to tweak the system/db.

seems to work well. We did a few things differently. we wrote a script to write in the tags instead of using bulk pen creation, since we wanted to be selective in what was shown. we also had that script fill in the name/location columns with more relevant information for our system.

we also added in functionality to make public/private saved graphs. Our system is setup to filter devices based on users groups/permissions… so we also filter the pen list to only show the devices that user has assigned to them.

Only thing we are really missing is the sum/averaging of the pens that are currently on the graph. Nathan, do you have any ideas on that?

I’m not sure how you would do that. I suspect that at some level it might be accomplished somehow either through: the DB, Scripting, or the chart component itself.


@diat150 - Do you have a separate database machine or virtual machine dedicated to logging your historical data?

I have a separate db machine.

The easy chart does have an average calculated pen and I believe we are working on sum function.

The average is for a single pen though. Im talking about avg/sum more than 1 pen.

for instance we have:

pen 1
pen 2
pen 3

Id like the ability to add a average/sum function that averages all 3 pens and displays a 4th pen on the chart that would be the average/sum of the 3 pens, not just the single pen.

Right, got it.

One potential client ask me for this particular feature in a demo. He says that competitor tool don’t allowed this. Is this still in roadmap? If yes, which version?