Sum history tags on graph

Hi - just wondering if there is an easy way I can show the sum of multiple historical tags as a single line on the ‘Time Series Chart’ component?

For example: I have ten silos each with volume tags, and I want to show a total silo volume graph over, say the last 24 hours, with a line showing the sum of all ten tags.

(I know I could create a calculated tag in the background to sum these all up and just show that tag, but I’d rather not have to create extra tags for every arbitrary combination of tags I might want to show on the graph).

There is already a built in aggregate for sum. You should be able to add as many tags as you want and then set the interval accordingly.

Hrrrm, yeah, that’s what I thought too! But it still just seems to show a line per tag I add

I honestly have never used more than one tag. This post might help with setting up the chart. I’d like to know myself but I’m not in front of my computer right now.

Try checking the calculations radio at the top of that window and see what you can do with that.
disclaimer: I’ve never used that so I don’t know if it can do what you want.

The other solution would be to use system.tag.queryTagCalculation or to add a transform script to your binding.

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Thanks - I ended up using a stacked area chart, which kinda gave me what I wanted. (The top line is essentially the sum of all the values, but it includes extra info of all the tags you include, which is nice. Might get a bit messy with lots of tags, but works for now)