Hi, guys

I’m running a query over OSI PI database connection and get this error:

GatewayException: ‘sun.misc.Cleaner’
caused by NSuchMethodError: ‘sun.misc.Cleaner’

Ignition v8.0.7 (b2019122014)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.5

No rows returned.
When I open Authoring tab of a Named Query, Table Browser shows “Unable to list tables”

All this worked fine on Ignition 7.9. The same connection to the same PI Historian server.

Thank you.

Probably due to Java 11 requirements for JDBC drivers. Is there a newer driver available from OSI?

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I am heaving the same problem. Our company have the Rockwell licence FT Historian that is Osisoft PI. Rockwell is on FT Hist v. 6.00.00 and PI JBC Driver 2017. From documentation this version is supported for Java 8. I guess this is the problem since Igniton 8 is running Java 11, or??

Osisoft have released a 2018 version, that support Java 8, 9 and 10 and from PI Square Community I have read it also work with Java 11.

Is there any solution for this kind of problem?

I end up installing SQL Server Express and adding PI Historian as a linked server via PI Historian OLEDB and running queries form Ignition over SQL Server.

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