Sun/Oracle Merger... good or bad … 0420.1.xml

Is it just me, or does this scare everybody? Depending on what Oracle is thinking, they could outright just kill MySQL development.

I hope not, MySQL is faster then ever … ql-54.html

I hope Oracle is smart enough to keep MySQL, or sell it off.

I really doubt that Oracle would outright kill MySQL, because they’re smart enough to know that if they did that, someone woud just take a branch of the (open) source and start a cloned MySQL company. (heck, it might even be the top MySQL guys who left when Sun bought MySQL. In fact, this semes to be happening regardless.)

MySQL has certainly been edging in on some of Oracle’s territory, but more than that it has really created its own market share that didn’t really exist before it came along. Its not like the LAMP stack was the LAOP stack and then MySQL captured it.

So now that Oracle has control over the product, I expect them to gradually push it in the direction that it has already been leaning - more emphasis on commercial support and less on community. MySQL fills a spot that the Oracle database’s licensing prevents it from occupying.

I think a big challenge is how to retain key MySQL people, who I think will feel even more uncomfortable working for Oracle from a cultural standpoint than they did for Sun.

I’m not sure from a business perspective, but I think the db products complement each other in separate, slightly overlapping, market segments, both of which Microsoft is expanding in. … mysql.html