Support for AWS Outpost and MSSQL RDS

Hello - I’m working with a client and wanted to see if anyone is running their architecture on an AWS Outpost, specifically with an MSSQL database backend.

I noticed the Ignition Architecture documentation mentions support for AWS RDS was limited to MySQL and PostgreSQL, excluding MSSQL.

[AWS Outposts Architecture - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation]

But… AWS RDS on Outpost outlines support MSSQL

Want to make sure this is an issue with the documentation being out of date and not an actual limitation related to Ignition running on AWS Outpost.


Someone may come along who is able to answer this, but I’d get in touch with a sales engineer via your sales rep to get a definite answer. They are the ones who put this kind of documentation together and are familiar with AWS.

Posting to give this a bump. My understand was that if a driver exists to link up to something (like a db) Ignition could care less where it is as long as it can touch it. My hope, to sqlwalkermj’s point, is that the Ignition docs were written before AWS support MSSQL and haven’t been updated since support was added.