Support for Ignition?


We are searching for a new HMI software. Ignition is one we have studied. Could you tell your experiences about the support for Ignition, please. When you need help or advise how to do things, is it easy to get support? How works the Inductive Automation support and how works this forum?

My experience has been that support has been the best of any company I have dealt with. The guys that answer on this forum are the developers themselves. They not only know the code, they wrote it and are still writing it.

Sometimes it takes a day or two to get an answer to your post. But that’s because their busy coding. A polite bump[1] will usually get a response. If you do need an answer right away give them a call. The web site says calls cost unless you have a support contract. If you have a bug though, they seem pretty happy to fix things up and worry about $$ later.

[1]Bump: a new post on a thread that has being inactive for a while that adds no new information. It’s sole purpose is to remind people that someone is expecting a response and feels neglected because they haven’t got one.


I’m sure you’ll get (and prefer) responses from actual users, but I thought I’d start with just a few points on what we strive for and generally achieve (I’m not doing this from a marketing point of view, just what I see us offering):

  • Email and forum are open/free. We try to reply within 24 hours. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the type of question and who needs to answer it.
  • On the forum, there are many very experienced users who are very helpful, so unless your question is for some reason confidential, the forum is usually the best place to start.
  • Phone support is offered from 8am to 5pm pacific standard time. While phone support is part of TotalCare (the upgrade & support program), when you call, we help you. That’s to say, we monitor support contracts and support usage from a higher overview level- when you call, you don’t have to give us a special password or anything to get through.
  • When you call, you’re immediately in contact with someone who’s very experienced with our software. And, they’re sitting just down the hall from the development team, so if the problem is really tough/technical, we can get involved.

Anyhow, without writing too much, I just wanted to give you an idea of how we try to act. I would say the biggest thing people are surprised about is how personable/direct we are. We’re not a ridiculously huge company, and we like to help.


They are one of the best I have dealt with. I do have support contract, and get answers to my questions when I have them.

The level of support is awesome, just like the software.

Thanks a lot. Good news. No bad experiences anyway. Normally you hear first the bad news…

Kind of like the cat on the roof story?