Support for parsing of multipart/form-data within WebDev module

Are there any updates on the status of the IllegalStateException bug that occurs when parsing the servlet body of multipart/form-data requests? Unsure if Griffith has any updates on the ticket from back in Dec of '20. Running 8.1.30 and am still currently able to reproduce the bug.

I know it's possible to extract it from the postData and then manually parse the string, but I'm ideally looking to keep the code concise without having to resort to some messy string parsing.

At the time, it looked like an easy fix, so I filed a ticket. When it was reviewed internally, folks who actually did the research found that it was not such an easy fix, and also raised some security concerns with broadly allowing file uploads on every webdev endpoint (which has to do with our backing webserver's implementation details). Since relatively few people have asked for the feature, we haven't re-prioritized it. You're welcome to make an ideas post to help us gauge community interest and prioritize the feature (, but in the short term, you're probably going to have to do the parsing yourself. I'd suggest looking for built-in Java libraries that can offload some of the messy parsing for you.