Support Holiday Schedule?

Where Inductive Automation is based in the United States, what will be the holiday schedule for this weekend (Thanksgiving), and upcoming for Christmas?

They are based out of Folsom, CA as for as their Holiday schedule they are usually pretty good informing the users, I personally am not aware but I’m pretty sure someone has the answer.

Unless you already knew that and just wanting to know the actual holiday schedule not location then in that case, oops… :grin:

Ok I couldn’t wait so I called them, I was told the actual holiday days(Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year) they will have support, it might be limited but someone will always be on call. all the other days they will have normal support.

Just in case you’re inquiring because you’d like to know about 8.0 Beta assistance during the holidays, @brian.mills, our Support Services division will not be providing Beta assistance; questions about the Beta will only be promptly answered on days which are not holidays.

Yes, thank you.That was the point of this post… and why I started it in the 8.0 beta forum…

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Our offices are closed this Thursday and Friday, support department included. There will be someone on call at all times but it will fall under emergency support like any other holiday or after hours call.

Support for Ignition 8 beta is via the forum only, and the forum is not an official support channel. All members are participating voluntarily, whether they an IA employee or not.