Support ticket system faulted?


i tried to submit a ticket this morning, but the web page showed a lot of error messages (see attached screenshot). I managed to submit a ticket anyhow and received an automated e-mail, but now the ticket is gone (Sorry, we couldn’t find the ticket you requested or you do not have permission to view it.).
Are there currently problems with the ticket system? Is it better to post problems here?


I’ll check with the web team and see if there is anything going on.

You’re welcome to post your problems in the forum, but as you probably know it’s not an official support channel and you simply may never get a response :open_mouth:

If it’s urgent or important support (ticket, email, phone) is the way to go.

Hi Chi,

It looks like you’ve encountered a bug in our ticket software. We’re working on a fix, but for now your best bet is to call in or send an email and they’ll get you sorted.

Thank you for the feedback.
The error messages are now gone. My ticket is still not displayed, but i’m in email contact with your support team.