Supporting both 7.x and 8.x - Designer Launcher

Hey folks,

We support multiple clients, some running 7.x servers and others running 8.x servers. I have both the 7.x designer launcher and 8.x designer launcher on my desktop, and whenever I swap between the two (which I often do multiple times a day), the designer has to go through the rather lengthy download process again when launching a project. My best guess would be the 7.x and 8.x caches overwrite one another.

I’m curious if there is any way to specify different locations for these applications to reference, so as to avoid this down time when providing client support?

Much appreciated.

Bumping, as I sit here waiting for the 8.x designer to download requisite files.
Any chance I can install the different version designers in different directories so I don’t have to download every time I swap?


I’m not seeing this issue switching between a 7.9.18 and 8.1.9 Designer.

Are you launching them from the same hostname and port or something?

Hi Kevin,

Nope, they’re on different host names and ports. Testing again, it seems to happen very reliably going from running 7.8 (client launcher 7.9.12) to 8.1.2 (designer launcher 1.1.2). Sequence I’m following and behavior I’m seeing below:

  • Connect to 8.x network
  • Launch 8.1.2 designer from shortcut
    • Go through download process
  • Open project, close project
  • Disconnect 8.x network / connect 7.x network.
  • Launch 7.8 designer from shortcut (generated by 7.9.12 client launcher)
    • No download process
  • Open project, close project
  • Disconnect 7.x network / connect 8.x network.
  • Launch 8.1.2 designer from shortcut
    • Go through download process again

I confirmed that disconnecting / connecting to the networks had no effect, by connecting / disconnecting several times without opening 7.x and without seeing a load screen from 8.x.