Suppression of Error Messsages?

Is there a way to set a project so it does not show any error message popups? We have a bunch of dashboards, so there’s no mouse or keyboard readily available and when we have a momentary loss of connection or anything, the error message will popup and just sit there until one of the programmers notice. (Operators have enough to worry about to complain)

I know this is not ideal for most HMIs, but is there some Dashboard Setting that we can enable to just ignore all errors?


What errors are you getting?

There are various ways to suppress errors, such as using try/except in Python code and using the suppress errors flag in the system.tag.write(tagPath, value, suppressErrors) function, and using the try function in the expression language.

I think it is better to know what errors you are suppressing rather than suppressing all errors. What if it is an important error?

Check out this forum post that shows a timer script that automatically closes all error pop ups: Auto - Close Error Box

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Awesome, I will have to try that out.

These errors are not from any script, I think its mainly network related errors. It is not very common, but, like the OP in your link says, it would be nice not to have remote in to all of them.