.svg change colour to all paths

I have a svg that has around 200 paths that are grouped. I want to change the colour of the svg with say a status tag. I normally use the customise feature and bind to a custom property. But to do this with the svg would mean customising 200 paths. Is there a way of doing this without having to do this to every path in the svg group

you should be able to just put in fill:color in the style of the svg main component

This is a part of a big svg that was converted from a .dwg. I selected the group that I wanted from the imported svg. But the part is made up of many paths. And I want to change the colour of the selected group.

ah its not perspective ups xd
no idea how svgs work in vision sorry
is there no appearence prop when you select the group?

seems there isnt… you can select multiple components at once tho and change the fill that way…

Thanks. Yes this is vision. Yes I know about selecting all and change colour. But I need it to change colour with a tag change. When you select all you are unable to add a binding to colour or add custom style.