SVG error on save

I am trying to put a logo in the left corner of my header in perspective.
Once I put the image in I can’t save the project and get returned this error.


What’s the filesize of the SVG? Can you upload it here?

It’s an 8kb SVG

What container are you using? What OS are you using the designer in? How are you adding the svg? Also, is that SVG meant to be blank?

If I drag and drop the downloaded .svg from explorer onto the designer, I get the prompt to save into image management or directly embed. Regardless of which one I choose, the designer continues working ‘as expected’.

Do you have a lot of other content in your view? What’s the designer’s max memory set to? As you can tell, there’s a lot of potential variables here.

A plain 1 colour header with the svg and a user icon.
OS - Windows 10
Tried Drag and drop the SVG
Max memory - 1024

Image shouldn’t be blank
I just upped the max memory to 4096 and still have the same error

This is what the view looks like.
If I take the “Stark” SVG out then it saves no problem.