SVG Import Blue Loading Circle Error


Have been struggling with importing an SVG into my Vision Window. I have a PNG file that i’ve attempted to convert (tried both Inkscape and Gravit Designer, as was suggested in this post). When imported, I have been getting a blue Windows loading circle and the SVG fails to import. I’m currently using version 8.0.10 of Ignition, and Java version 8 update 261. I also referenced this post. Hoping someone may have a suggestion or have seen this issue before. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Can you share the SVG?

I’m having the same issue. Same version of Ignition on Win 10. Every time I put an SVG into a Vision Window it stucks and I can’t do anything. I have to quit Ignition (or kill the process).
Attached I put the Svg that I’m working with.
Thank you

It seems you’ve uploaded an empty or invalid SVG. Did something go wrong?


This is the original file. I can open it on inkscape but I can’t put it on my vision page.

P.S. I don’t understand why I can’t load it on the forum!

I put both files on a wetransfer:

What version are you using?

These SVGs don’t work in Ignition because they contain embedded raster images, but it doesn’t freeze my Designer, just causes a big error to get logged.

I have downladed this morning the 8.1.0 to test.
With this version I have seen that I can work but is still running the blue circle of W10 (like it is trying to do something).

So there’s no other option than change the SVG?

Thank you

Your use of SVG in this case is pointless. All it contains is an embedded PNG file. You’ve lost all the benefits you might have reaped from using vector graphics. Might as well just use the PNG directly.

I know this but I’m working with an external freelance that is creating the SVG for me (this was just an example) but before we go deep into the items needed, I must be sure that everything is working.

Thank you

Hi Kevin,
I was able, with the help of the freelancer to fix couple of items and publish them in my project but now I have strange issues. When I try to open them the small heat exchanger and butterfly valve doesn’t open. The Big plate heat exchanger open properly. I don’t understand why. Could you please help me understand this?
Thank you Scambiatore a piastre Saldobrasato-01 ZVF_01_02