SVG Import - need sample files

Hello everyone,

We’re working on a feature to import from SVG files for the new vector drawing features of 7.3.

One of the charms of this idea is that you can export an AutoCAD file into SVG format, and then import to use in a screen, make it dynamic, etc.

It would be great if we had a variety of sample files to work from to explore the different ways that various SVG files get structured to ensure our import routine is flexible enough. If you have some SVG files or AutoCAD drawings you can export to SVG and share, we’d love to have them. If you don’t want to post them publicly here you can email them to me: gould AT inductiveautomation DOT com


You should be able to try with Reichert’s Symbol Factory. You may need to copy/paste into Inkscape first to save as an SVG.

Posted to the forums for some content help.

Turns out you can’t directly export from AutoCAD to svg. Maybe we’ll support importing from DXF also…

Not being pedantic at all but when you say “can’d” do you mean “can” or “can’t” ???

oops - typo fixed.


You can find some here :

hope this help

Inkscape supposedly will import .dxf.

.svg is its native output.

It is free, and cross platform.

I have it installed, but not used it to any extent.

You might give it a look.


Yes, Inkscape is a nice software.
Have a look also for more technical drawing viewtopic.php?f=50&t=6777