SVG in Perspective from SolidWorks

Does anyone have any hints/ tips/ experience on getting images into Perspective originating from SolidWorks?
I would like to import plant layouts and show the state of each area by colour, therefore I understand I will need to use the SVG format?
I understand I will somehow need to remove as much unnecessary detail as possible to minimise the file size. The drawings are models from construction drawings, so they show every minute detail.
Or is there some other way I should be considering?

Can’t say much for solidworks, but you could trace the areas that you need to colour using inkscape or something similar. Then you can overlay that on a low detail version of your plant layout that just gets imported as an image.

You could either use images of the layout in the background with some dynamic animation in vision or perspective screens of Ignition clients to show state of different areas by color. Alternatively you could make a panoramic virtual tour of the plant using our ARSCADA module from exchange server, to display real-time values and status of various plant parameters on the tour.