SVG in perspective


As the user manual mentioned, we can drag a svg to the view from any where of my computer. I tried this and find problem : sometimes I can do, but somtimes I can’t. Does the ‘svg’ file need a specific format? and what kind of svgs can’t be drop to the perspective view?
I download a svg map from amcharts, and the url :

I download the svg, but I can’t drag this to my ignition perspective view. Can anyone tell me why? If the svg file needs to be modified, how to solve this problem?



Try opening some SVGs in a text editor and comparing the working ones versus the broken ones.

Giving it a quick look, the am-charts SVGs all have a custom <amcharts:ammap> element and associated attributes. You could try removing that element and the amcharts namespace from the top-level svg element attributes.



thank you, I’ll try it