SVG pattern does not update when changes are made to the definition

I encountered this issue when duplicating a view that had an SVG component with a pattern definition.

  • View 1 has an SVG object with a pattern definition
  • View 1 is referenced by EmbeddedView objects on Page 1
  • View 2 was created by duplicating View 1
  • View 2 pattern definition was modified and the SVG object updated in the view editor
  • View 2 is referenced by EmbeddedView objects on Page 1, and the pattern would not update here

I solved the issue by changing the View 2 pattern id value, and updating the internal SVG references there. During troubleshooting tried closing and opening both the Designer and my web browser.

The issue may be tied to this bug, as it seems like the way pattern definitions are handled has something to do with this.