SVG to Module

I finally installed the example module to my designer.
I have played around with some of the javascript and think I have a decent handle on it.
Now, I’d like to actually incorporate an SVG button that I made in Inkscape into an ignition component with or without all the associated XML and Javascript ECMA that I put into the file.

Is this possible?

You should be able to drag any* SVG file onto a window in the designer and use it. Is this not what you want?

  • Any SVG file Ignition supports… no embedded crap, no scripts, etc… :smiling_imp:

OK Kevin,
That makes things a little clearer for me then.
I think I’m trying to over-complicate the process to see what my design options could be.

What I’m really after here is a way of developing 3D graphics and importing them.
Would I be better off creating these in Ignition or creating them using JSwing and importing them as component modules?
For the sake of gaining a perspective on direction,
Lets suppose that experience is more important than results at the moment…