SVG with paths in Perspective

I’m trying to create and import (drag-drop) an SVG in Inkscape so that I can have paths/elements from that SVG in the Project browser, like in this demo from Ignition:

I created a simple SVG in Inkscape with a rectangle and a circle, saved as an optimized SVG, and drag it into the view:

But all I got is single ‘drawing’ and elements on the right side in props:

But the ‘Ignition Logo’ drawing from the demo doesn’t have any elements on the right side in props…

How the hell they did that? :thinking:

Im guessing this was an olderversion of the svg component and its just stuck in the resources like this xd and since it still works noone noticed or felt the need to replace it.
i suppose you could mimic this behavior if you go through the rescource files. But that is a hard and unsupported way of programming xd

Could you copy the logo and post the json (not the props) in here? Im actually quite interestted in how it looks.

Before 8.0.0 was initially released, there was a ‘Drawing’ container type; I’m guessing that’s what that is in the demo.
It’s basically what you get as the ‘exploded’ SVG, just as a container rather than as a component. I don’t know the exact reasons for its removal, but I would guess that it’s not a good fit for a ‘container’ type, since it doesn’t actually contain other components, only drawing elements.

That said, I can see why it would be useful to have the full tree of your SVG visible outside of the JSON editor…