SVN compatibility

Hello everyones,

I read that Ignition 8 will be compatible with SVN. Do we have more informations about it?


When we talk about compatibility with VCS what we’re really talking about is how project resources are now stored on disk, in the data/projects folder.

You can, e.g., git init in that directory and start treating it as a git repository. Commit, push, pull, etc… by whatever strategy you want.

There’s no further integrations right now. In a future version we may try to provide hooks or other integration points that let you run VCS commands on project save, but it’s all just vague ideas right now.

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Also, 8.0.5+ has a gateway event script that’s triggered on project update, letting you run some arbitrary command (ie, git commit) whenever the gateway notices a change.


Good answer! Thank you very much!

This proximity with the Ignition’s developpement team is a huge benefit of Ignition over the competitors.