Svn to git Migration

We have a big subversion repo and it is structured as trunk and revision branches. The branches are created from the trunk always. This repo is around 38GB.

We want to migrate this repo into git.

I have tried migrating smaller repos in this structure using svn2git and svn git clone and it worked well.

It works even when I do individual branches.

However, If I migrate a few branches along with the trunk it fails with both the above tools and gives a checksum error.

What does this checksum mean?

I have also tried migrating the complete repo at once but it is taking ages and not sure when it might complete or fail. This is going really slow.

Using below command

>svn2git file:///var/dump/repo/ 
         --authors ../authors-transform.txt 
         --trunk /eng/xxx/trunk 
         --branches /eng/xxx/branches/Branchx 
         --branches /eng/xxx/branches/Branchy

This may not be the best forum for this question, but that’s an unusually large SVN repo. Taking hours and hours to migrate doesn’t sound surprising at all. IIRC, conversion time is not linear with repo size. That is, a 2x bigger repo will take more than 2x time.

Are there a lot of binary files? Git isn’t very good with binary files, though there are some workarounds, like git LFS.

There are binary files but they are in other branches, and we are not migrating them. We will migrate them with LFS only. For rest of the branches which does not contain binary files I am getting checksum mismatch error. and it is taking lot of time