Swap Axes in a timeseries chart

Hi All
I’m trying to swap the axes of a time series chart on perspective i.e I want my timestamp to be the ‘y’ axis and the tag value to be ‘x’ axis. This sounds simple but I’m having a hard time figuring it out. I’m using the tag history binding (historical) for the data by the way.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi @sathianandan.dharmas, I believe the time series chart can only display the time on the X-axis and that there is no easy way to change this.

You might be better off trying to use an XY chart, in which you can define what type you would like your axis to be (e.g. value, date, or category). For more information on the XY chart see here

Thanks a lot, Matthew. I was waiting to confirm this on forums before changing it to XY chart, I got my answer now.


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Hi Matthew,

           Please refer the attached XY graph Image. We have the dataset of  3 Column, RdataTime, Spec & Act.  I have mapped the All Axis.  But all data showing  single line. Please support for this.