Swap to Popup with Different Dimensions

Many of my popups include navigation to other popups. For example, if a given pressure sensor is used to determine the position of a valve, I can get to the valve popup from the sensor popup and vice versa. Most of my popups have the same dimensions, so the function system.nav.swapWindow works well. However, a few of my popups are bigger. The system.nav.swapWindow function forces the opened popup into the same dimensions as the closed popup.

Is there a way to swap to a new popup, such that the new popup is at the same coordinates as the old popup, but with its default dimensions?

.swapWindow is really designed for maximized main windows. I don't recall anyone using it with popups. You should just make a shared script that opens the new popup, moves it to the position of the old popup, and closes the old popup.


Okay. That sounds like a good plan.

Just checking... As far as you know, there is no function that to reset the dimensions of a popup? Then I could do a swap followed by dimension reset.

Perhaps one of these posts will be helpful?


This post is Vision.

Not that I'm aware of. Just don't use swap for popups.

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Oops :slight_smile:

Got it. Thank you!