Swapping from java 6 to java 7

I am going to make a switch from java 6 using 7.2.9 to one of the later versions of 7.3(need active x). what steps should I follow to get it converted over? should I upgrade ignition first, then uninstall java 6 then install java 7? do I have to do anything special to get it to launch on java 7?

Do I even have to change from java 6 to 7 on the gateway?

You don’t need to change the version of Java on the Gateway, although you’re welcome to (as long as you’re not using the mobile module).

Just do them one at a time. If you do upgrade Java on the Gateway, you may need to edit your ignition.conf file to point to the right version of Java. On your clients, depending on what version of Java 6 you were running, you may need to clear your webstart cache (simply do a Start > Run > “[tt]javaws -uninstall[/tt]” )