"swapping" sqltag history

This is the dilemma. Someone in the field swapped some equipment around and didnt let us know that the IP address should have been changed. The tag addresses for these 2 devices are exactly the same so both kept on trucking. Now I have about a months worth of data on each device that needs to be swapped around to the correct device.

Looking at the history tables, sqlth_te has the tag paths and each of the monthly partitions uses that tagpaths id as the key.

This is what I am thinking about doing:

  1. get the tagids for the affected tags for device #1. create a new temporary tagid for each one these and do a replace in the monthly partition tables for each of the tagids with the new temp tagid for the necessary date range. (Instead of making up a tagid I may have to create new sqltags so that the system creates the tagids for me. There may be some constraints that only allow valid ids from the sqlth_te??)

  2. after all of the tagids have been replaced with the temp tagids for device #1, do a replace on all of device #2’s tagids with device #1’s tagids. This should make all of the data for device #1 correct.

  3. Now, I would need to do a replace on the data that I assigned the temp tagids to. Once I replaced the temp tagids with device #2’s tagids, I believe I should be good to go.

Will this method work? Any better ideas?

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Did you follow this procedure? It should have worked for you, there’s nothing under the hood that would need to change, other than these tables. Though, you probably could have done it simpler, just by swapping the ids of the sqlt_data records for the time frame of the “swapped” history.