Swapping windows (on Windows) tends to freeze the client

I’m having an issue where when I click on my navigation buttons (that switch windows using nav.swapTo), it tends to freeze up if you go “too fast”. Its hard to say what “too fast” is, it seems like if the current screen isn’t fully loaded, it will be slower loading the next, and if you are too fast then it will tend to just crash the client.

It seems like this is a Windows or Windows 10 problem. I have a couple of clients this project is on, 3 Linux clients and one Windows 10, one Windows 7. The two Windows clients seem like they have this problem, while I haven’t had anything like this on the Linux clients. I can tap two different window buttons very quickly for as long as I want with no issues.

Is there a known issue with clients on Windows regarding this? Luckily one of the Windows clients is schedulied to be switched to Linux (and the other is my laptop which will stay Windows) so the problem will be mostly gone. But until then, and for my own laptop, I’d love to fix this issue.