swapTO window

I have a main window and a header window. I am trying to swap the main window
with this script which is activated by a button event on the header window.
I can’t seem to get the other window to swap instead of closing my header window the button is on.
I thought this would work.

window = system.tag.read("[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow").value system.nav.swapWindow(window, "MainLayoutDash")

I have a north docked window and a main window. I’m trying to trigger a swap on the main window from the docked one.

Testing this here it seems to work fine. Is your docked window actually a docked window? It sounds to me like this may actually be a floating window. I did a cut and paste of your sample code and only changed the name of the window I want to swap to and it worked.

Please include the Ignition version if there is still an issue

This works for me now. I don’t know what to say about it since all I did to fix this is to delete the commented out script. Thanks for the reassurance I needed.

No problem, glad to hear you have it working!