Swipe gesture for template repeater, possible?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if this is possible to create a scroll function for a template repeater?

Meaning the scroll gesture should scroll down in the list of repeated templates.

Assuming the Vision template repeater, generally speaking any interactions beyond single mouse clicks are not supported well by Java Swing. You could theoretically do something like this with a mouse dragged listener, but it would likely be an exercise in frustration, and you’ll run into limits of what events Java Swing will actually record will a user is attempting the interaction.

I’ve actually been interested in similar. What’s the functional difference between scrolling using the scroll bar that automatically appears on the template repeater versus a mouse dragged listener?

For me, the value is touch screen interaction where click & drag on the component would expose a larger interaction area than the side scroll bar. Even with a wider scroll bar, you still have to hit it with your finger and it consumes real-estate so triggering the scroll directly on the component mouse click and drag can’t be that frustrating given it already does it with the native scroll bar.

I tried to find a value to manipulate to be able scroll the repeater trough bindings. Any tips ?

There’s various threads on the forum. This one doesn’t solve the exact same problem, but gets you 90% of the way there: