Swiping Cards in Perspective

Can any post a very simple examples of a set of views with a card and a parent view which will swipe cards with all of the data hard coded in it?

I’m trying to replicate what is in the table card layout in the demo example and so far have the attached views. I’m assuming the card is a flex view but it refers to a style called Card which is not included in the demo files.

The parent view appears to be a flex repeater.

I’ve been successful in getting the data to repeat in the view but I can’t seem to configure it to swipe card by card as is in the demos.Employee Cards.proj (6.0 KB)

I have attached the employees-card and employees-cards I’ve been working on for your review.

The important part (at least, re: swiping) is actually a carousel. I’ve attached an extremely basic example with two different pages in a carousel - each is actually the same view, but with a different number of ‘cards’ visible. The ‘Card’ view is just a coordinate container; then the ‘Page’ is a flex container with a flex repeater within it. On the ‘Landing’ view, the carousel is set to ignore the default view height and width, then then also set to take the entire space available in its container - a coordinate container set to ‘percent’ mode.

Cards.proj (4.0 KB)


Thanks Paul - we are swiping now!