Swiping to Exit

I have a Perspective project with an onDemand left dock menu. I was randomly getting an Exit Application popup when I was trying to open the menu. I just realized there must be something built into Perspective that makes it prompt to exit the app when you swipe right on the left edge of the screen. Is there any way to make that an option somewhere so I can disable it?

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Did you find an answer to this? I’m getting this issue while using the Carousel component - every other time I swipe right, I have to dismiss the annoying message to exit.

There is already an exit/logout option, so this swipe to exit is not necessary, and I’d like to disable it to make the app more user friendly.

Edit - there also needs to be a way to disable the Pull to Refresh - either entirely or specifically for the Carousel component as it causes the screen to bounce. (I loaded up the Ignition supplied Cards project to double check, but that also has a horrible bounce and the swipe to exit problem)

I’m running the latest version (8.0.14) and still don’t see an option to disable this.

I haven’t run into any issues with Pull to Refresh affecting the user experience but would also be nice to have that as an option.

Same problem here.